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Hi, I am Jan Fleschütz

I am an Art Director.

Over 20 years of advertising, pre-press and packaging-design,
over 10 years of branding, conception, marketing and strategy.
DIN ISO 9002 certified QM.

who is that guy?

something About Me

I love espresso, wife, kid, music, mountains, mtb, ski, board, food, effectiveness, early adopting – an i am still hungry for new challenges. Btw – don’t take broken for an answer.

so whats cooking?

My Skillset

359° campaign

wait, there's something missing - yeah right, it's you!

all in check

whooha - analyze, concieve, implement. It's all about precision.


creative suite, affinity, wordpress - that tool box ist well stuffed.

Experience Meets Expertice

B2B, B2C, POS, employer-branding, marketing-concept, packaging, ads, banners, editorial, newsletter or simply new business-cards? Cool, let’s get together for some exchange – because the best ideas fit on a beer mat.

AirDolomiti Website Mockup
Air Dolomiti
Corporate Design
Shooting - Bildbearbeitung
Produkt Design
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